Wooden Parts

Wooden dividers

Protect your goods
during transport

We manufacture custom wood packing parts to secure goods inside boxes during handling and for maximum safety while transporting or in storage.
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With our expertise and machinery, we can produce wooden components of all sizes, shapes and quantities and deliver them to you quickly.

  • Wooden dividers
  • Wooden spacers
  • Wood particle board or plywood tube caps
  • Wooden blocks
  • Wooden supports
  • Beveled blocks
Spool kit
Wooden dividers
Wooden components

Made from lumber, our wood pieces are produced to your specifications so that they fit perfectly into your wooden crates or other packing containers.

  • Precision
  • Quality of
  • Available in
    all sizes
  • Strength and resistance
    to tension
  • Based on your plans
  • High durability
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No matter what type of wood pieces you need,
we can produce them.
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