Wooden Spools

Wooden Spools

Need wooden spools to suit your project specs?

We produce wooden cable spools for electrical wires, wire ropes, fiber optics, chains, etc.

Regardless of the size and quantity of wood spools you need, we have the know-how and equipment required to custom build wooden spools to match your requirements.
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Durable Wooden Spools

To manufacture of our wooden spools, we mainly use birch plywood, a high quality structural material.

  • drawing of wooden spools
    according to specifications supplied
  • Estimate
  • Production
  • Assembly
Spool kit
Wooden dividers
Wooden components

Our wooden spools are designed to meet the most demanding industry standards.

Can be ordered as a kit or preassembled.

  • Precision
  • Quality of
  • Available in
    all sizes
  • Strength and resistance
    to tension
  • Based on your plans
  • High durability
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